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1 day ago

Web Applications – Emerging as an Effective Marketing Tool

Web applications are gaining popularity due to the flexible features that are trendy and handy for the smartphone users. Web application development has also progressively increased due to the huge demand that is continuing for the web apps. In the past days, mobile applications were proving to be an effective marketing tool. However, due to the inflexibility in the operating feature, these applications are declining considerably. One of the main limitations of the native smartphone apps is that you have to download and install it, because most of the applications do not execute in different devices. Therefore, different types of applications were developed depending upon the devices in which it is used.

Nowadays, web application has resolved almost all the problems with its effective features. Web apps runs on the browser, hence it doesn't require any download or installing process. You can run the web apps in any devices without the need for additional software. This is one of the important flexible advantages of the web application. Another important advantage of web application is that you can add new features in the live web apps instantly using an expert application developer. However, this is not possible in native apps because they require several days for approval. Besides, there are many more flexible features in the web application. Still, web apps consist of few limitations such as camera, compass and accelerometer. These limitations cause less access to in-built features.

Mobile applications development has retained its influence among the smartphone users for a longer period with its attractive and interesting applications. For example, angry birds' mobile apps are downloaded by millions of mobile users every day. However, full version of this famous mobile app is still not available for the android fans. This inflexible feature to execute in different operating platforms has considerably reduced the demand for the mobile apps. Now, to resolve this problem, most of the popular games and productivity applications are developed as web applications. Now, you can find most of the popular mobile apps as web apps. Several web application developers are involved in developing thousands of web applications due to the increasing demand for web apps presently.

To enhance the flexibility of the web apps to a greater extent, now most of the app developers use bespoke programming strategy for developing latest web applications. There are several advantages that are bestowed by the bespoke software to enhance the business, because the bespoke web apps are tailored to meet the specific requirements of a firm. Since the software is finely tuned to your specific needs, it can provide you with performance benefits that are just not feasible with packaged software. Ultimately, it's quite sure that web apps will emerge as a powerful marketing tool within a short span of time.

3 days ago

Jobs For High School Students

Today, 'Earn while you learn' is the primary motto of the young. It is believed that more than 55% of high school students prefer taking up jobs while studying, and desire to be independent. However, it is not always easy for a high school student to take up a job, since while studying, one needs to balance work, home, school, and friends too.

Jobs that can be undertaken during these times usually do not require complex set of skills, but it is good that you get into a field that interests you. The work experience would add up in your profile when you go out looking for a job in the future, and will definitely give you an edge in the long run. Sometimes, it is possible for students to

5 days ago

Microsoft opens Windows 10 to Apple, Android apps

Microsoft hopes to get more people using the next version of its Windows software on all kinds of devices by giving them access to many of the same apps they're already using on Apple or Android phones.

In a major strategy shift, a top executive told an audience of several thousand software developers Wednesday that Microsoft will release new tools to help them quickly adapt the apps they've built for Apple or Android gadgets, so they will work on smartphones, PCs and other devices that use the new Windows 10 operating system coming later this year.

On the first day of the company's annual software conference, other executives showed off more uses for Microsoft's holographic "a

6 days ago

World Cup by numbers Reuters

JOHANNESBURG South Africa is hosting the soccer World Cup for the first time on the African continent.

Below are details of how much the government has spent preparing for the month-long tournament which starts on Friday and the impact this has had on the economy.


The government has said the World Cup should add about 0.5 percent to GDP this year.

Analysts are not so optimistic. Forecasts in a Reuters poll in May ranged from 0.1 to 0.7 percent, with a median of 0.3.

The Treasury has said growth this year will likely be above the 2.3 percent it forecast in February and closer to 3 percent after last year's 1.8 percent contraction.

The tourism sector is expected to enjoy a boost from the tournament for years to come. During the rugby World Cup in 1995 tourism numbers shot up 60 percent, increasing by 13 and 7 percent respectively in the following two years.


The government has spent about 40 billion rand ($5.17 billion) since 2006/07 on World Cup-related projects, with 11.7 billion going towards revamping of stadiums and 13.2 billion on transport infrastructure.

The funds came from the national budget and helped to push the fiscal deficit in 2009/10 to 6.7 percent of GDP.

General government borrowing increased to 184.3 billion rand in 2009/10 from 40.2 billion in 2008/09.

The Treasury's expenditure excluded money spent sprucing up airports. Airport Company South Africa has spent about 17 billion rand since 2006 upgrading airports in Cape Town and Johannesburg and building a new one in Durban.

The spending also does not include the 25 billion rand spent on building the country's Gautrain rapid rail network which will link the airport to Johannesburg and its financial hub Sandton and later Johannesburg and the capital Pretoria.


Increased foreign exchange flows are seen supporting the rand but only slightly.

The tournament comes as international markets are jittery due to European debt problems so any boost from increased foreign exchange earnings will be overshadowed by worries about the global economic recovery.

On the local bourse, wine, spirits and beer companies such as Distel and SABMiller outperformed the All-share index over the past year partly in anticipation of a World Cup boost.

Imperial, which has a car rental business, has seen its price go up by 60.5 percent in that period.


South Africa expects about 370,000 foreign visitors during the event, lower than initial estimates of 450,000.

Visitors should spend about 8.8 billion rand during the tournament and -- together with spending by soccer's world governing body FIFA, other officials and teams -- the economy will receive a 13 billion rand cash injection, accounting firm Grant Thornton wrote in a study.


Construction ahead of the tournament created thousands of jobs, most of which disappeared as the preparations wound up. Employment in the sector fell 9.3 percent to 1.085 million in the first quarter of 2010, compared with the same period last year.

(Reporting by Phumza Macanda; Editing by Ken Ferris)

1 week ago


Jobs For High School Graduates

When you are looking for jobs for 18 year olds, you are really trying to find jobs for high school graduates. At 18, you pretty much have only two or three options: you can go to college or a trade school, find a job, or take some time off and travel if you are rich. Of course most students choose to continue on and go to college but there are some that look for jobs right away.

Types of Jobs For 18 Year Olds

18 Year olds are allowed to do almost all jobs except those that require you to be 21. By the time you are eighteen, the law considers you to be mature enough and physically capable of doing such jobs that were considered "hazardous" and "dangerous" when you were younger. This means you can work in mines, operate heavy machinery, work on assembly lines, and other such jobs that might be considered dangerous. You can't, however, work in a bar or anyplace that you need to be 21 years old to get in.

It is highly preferable for anyone 18 years old to go to college. At least a community college should be given a try if you can't get into a bigger one. However, it must be said that college is not for everyone and there have been many successful people who never went to college. If you think that college is not for you, then it is wise to start looking for a job.

Reasons To Get A Job Over College

There is at least one good reason to get a job right out of high school and not go to college and it involves money. College is expensive now and many students need to go into debt to pay for it, sometimes heavily in debt. That means when they get out of college, they will be starting their working life with a debt to be paid off and may have to work for many years before they are back to even.

If that same person skipped college and went straight to work, they would now have savings instead of being in debt after 4 years. Of course all this depends on what that person wanted to do with their life as there are many jobs that require a college degree. But if a person didn't have any particular job or career aspirations, getting a job right out of high school could in some cases be a better financial decision.

Make Your Own Job

It might be true that right now in 2009, there are more young people looking for jobs than there are jobs available. In some cases, adults are doing the jobs that teens used to be given because any job for them is better than no job. Employers sometimes feel they must give jobs to the workers that have families and have a proven track record over someone who has just graduated high school and has little work history.

So, if you are looking for jobs for 18 year olds, what are you to do. The best website that may get you started earning money online is one that discusses how to get referrals to the many online surveys for money websites. There are many scams online but learning how to get your websites ranked and turn targeted search traffic into money is not one of the scams. It is actually a career that is called "Internet marketing" and many make a good living at it. Of course it is not easy and will take a lot of learning and discipline but it is something that almost anyone can do if they put their mind to it. As proof, you can see this CashCrate check proof that is big enough to get most people's attention.

1 week ago

Why Most Developers Should Avoid Apple's New Swift Language

Ever the masters of ceremony, Apple did not disappoint at WWDC earlier this week. With typical Apple showmanship, they unveiled numerous features found in the upcoming versions of MacOS and iOS. But the biggest reaction was reserved, not for a shiny feature, but for Apple's new programming language--Swift--which left the consumer press amusingly flummoxed.

In spite of the mainstream attention it receives, WWDC is a developer event and understanding the significance of Swift requires knowledge of how iOS apps are commonly developed. Apple's official solution for creating iOS apps requires developers to write Objective-C. Objective-C, specific to the Apple ecosystem, is widely considered verbose, temperamental and challenging to utilize when compared to other programming languages (Scala, Ruby, Python).


Consequently, iOS development using Objective-C is often slower and more frustrating than development for other platforms. So it's not surprising that the announcement of a replacement programming language--with features like closures, generics, type inference, etc.--elicited wild applause from WWDC's developer audience.

Swift is irrelevant to the majority of mobile audiences

Swift is a good move for Apple; it makes developing for iOS more attractive. And because Swift, like Objective-C, is only relevant within the Apple ecosystem it encourages developers to commit exclusively to Apple and neglect other platforms. This is clearly a good outcome for Apple, but it's a bad outcome for developers wanting to engage as many people as possible.


Apple's global smartphone market-share is hovering at around 20%. Meanwhile, mobile device usage has already surpassed desktop device usage and continues to grow. These stats make two things very clear: the future is mobile and mobile extends FAR beyond the Apple ecosystem. Developers wishing to engage the majority of mobile audiences need to reach beyond Apple's ecosystem and Swift won't help.

The best hope for cross-platform mobile development continues to rest with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. These technologies are widely used, widely understood, widely supported and (perhaps most importantly) their fate is not controlled by a single company. By using web technologies, developers can write their app once and launch it to Android, iOS, Windows Phone or any modern device. And in cases where HTML doesn't support a specific mobile feature technologies like PhoneGap exist to 'bridge the gap'.

The best use case for Swift is iOS exclusive games

As alluring as the 'write once, run anywhere' promise is, apps based on web technologies have historically performed less admirably than their native counterparts. These performance issues have made it impossible to use web technologies for some types of apps. Games, in particular, are notoriously picky about responsiveness and developers often need to squeeze as much performance out of the CPU/GPU as possible. It's likely no accident that Apple chose to showcase a game for their programming demo.


However, the overwhelming majority of developers aren't creating games. Furthermore, many developers aren't launching their apps with a high degree of certainty. In the beginning, the goal is adoption and learning. During this formative stage, developers aren't doing themselves any favors by committing to a platform-specific language and limiting their potential audience.

At the same time, HTML keeps getting better and better. In fact, during WWDC, Apple announced that iOS8 would extend the performance benefits of Safari to all Webkit based apps. This enhancement is going to improve all apps based on web technologies.

Swift is a great move for Apple and exciting news to developers who are willing to commit exclusively to iOS. But most mobile developers are better served by cross-platform technologies which enable them to engage with everyone; not just the Apple crowd.

2 weeks ago

Web Apps | Android Developers

Figure 1. You can make your web content available to

users in two ways: in a traditional web browser and in an Android application, by

including a WebView in the layout.

There are essentially two ways to deliver an application on Android: as a

client-side application (developed using the Android SDK and installed on user devices in an APK)

or as a web application (developed using web standards and accessed through a web

browser--there's nothing to install on user devices).

If you chose to provide a web-based app for Android-powered devices, you can rest

assured that major web browsers for Android (and the WebView framework)

allow you to specify viewport and style properties that make your web pages appear at the proper

size and scale on all screen configurations.

Figure 1 illustrates how you can provide access to your web pages from either

a web browser or your your own Android app. However, you shouldn't develop an Android

app simply as a means to view your web site. Rather, the web pages you embed in your

Android app should be designed especially for that environment. You can even define an

interface between your Android application and your web pages that allows JavaScript in the web

pages to call upon APIs in your Android application--providing Android APIs to your web-based


To start developing web pages for Android-powered devices, see the following documents:

Supporting Different Screens from Web


How to properly size your web app on Android-powered devices and support

multiple screen densities. The information in this document is important if you're building a web

application that you at least expect to be available on Android-powered devices (which you should

assume for anything you publish on the web), but especially if you're targeting mobile devices

or using WebView.

Building Web Apps in


How to embed web pages into your Android application using WebView and bind JavaScript to Android APIs.

Debugging Web Apps

How to debug web apps using JavaScript Console APIs.

Best Practices for Web


A list of practices you should follow, in order to provide an effective web application on

Android-powered devices.

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