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6 hours ago

Five Best Work-From-Home Jobs - ABC News

Thousands of "Good Morning America" viewers have said our reports helped them reach their goals of making extra money while working at home. If you're one of the success stories, I invite you to visit my Web site to tell me your story.

For those of you who haven't yet made the leap, I've co-authored a new book, "Will Work From Home: Earn the Cash Without the Commute," which is filled with resources and ideas to help you get going on this path too.

Click here to read an excerpt from the book.

Here's a look at just a few of my favorite resources:

Turn your crafts into cash. Many people get rave reviews for their handmade wares from family and friends, but most hav

8 hours ago

Hire a New Employee? Chase Will Lower the Interest Rate on Your Business Loan

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Continuing its commitment to small businesses, Chase announced today an

innovative incentive that rewards businesses for each new employee they

hire this year.

Starting today, Chase will lower its interest rate on a new Chase

Business Line of Credit by 0.5 percentage point for each new hire, up to

three, for the life of the loan. Counting the discount for a new

business checking account, a small business owner could save about

$4,000 over three years on an outstanding balance of about $65,000,

Chase estimated.

"We encourage businesses to take advantage of the lowest interest rates

in years and to create more jobs for the economy," said Jamie Dimon,

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan Chase. "We know how

important it is to help small businesses because they are core to the

U.S. economy."

Late last year, Chase announced that it planned to increase its lending

to small businesses by $4 billion in 2010 to a total of $10 billion

through access to working capital, term loans for expansion, commercial

mortgages, lines of credit and business credit cards. It also pledged to

hire 325 additional business bankers.

The offer is available to business owners who are approved for a new

Chase Business Line of Credit up to $250,000 or existing business

customers who increase their line of credit by $10,000 or more. Chase

business checking customers will receive an additional half percent

discount on their loan rate.

To learn more about this program, or to apply, business owners can visit

their nearest Chase branch and talk with a business banker, or go to

Chase's continued support for small businesses

In the first quarter of 2010, Chase loaned $2.1 billion to small

businesses - a 31 percent increase from a year earlier.

Chase added 235 more small business bankers and plans to add about 100

more by year end.

The bank recently instituted a second review process to give business

owners every chance they deserve, making $110 million in additional

loans to small businesses.

As part of its outreach to small businesses, Chase is holding seminars

in 11 cities across the country to help local business owners increase

sales and fund their businesses. Mark LeBlanc, author of "Growing Your

Business," will be joined by a panel of local bankers, business owners

and representatives from the Small Business Administration and Chamber

of Commerce.

About Chase

Chase is the U.S. consumer and commercial banking business of JPMorgan

Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM), which operates more than 5,100 branches and

15,000 ATMs nationally under the Chase brand. Chase has 146 million

credit cards issued and serves consumers and small businesses through

bank branches, ATMs and mortgage offices as well as through

relationships with auto dealerships and schools and universities. More

information about Chase is available at

*Chart based on assumptions of $250,000 line of credit with an

average monthly balance of $66,663 and 27% monthly utilization.

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:

1 day ago

Loans / Lease :: First Premier Bank Credit Card Review

Upon first visit to the First Premier Bank's website, I immediately liked the site design and the big sun glasses that greeted me. They set my mind into holiday mode which in turn made me want to look at what kind of credit cards were available.

I see it already, sun, sea and sand.... I could book a well deserved break once I am successful with my First Premier Bank Credit Card Application.

But website design is not a good enough reason to choose a credit card, so let's see what features and benefits First Premier Credit Cards has to offer.

When you submit your credit card application, it will take you all of 60 seconds to know your fate, if you are a busy person, (and who isn't) or like me, you want to book that vacation fast, you know how good this feature is.

Bad credit? No problem, if you have less than perfect credit your application is still welcomed.

The APR on purchases is 9.99%. This is an excellent rate, the website did not say if this rate is adjustable based on credit history but it seems so competitive, I tend to think that the lower your credit score the higher the rate. If this is not so, then you are on to a real cracker.

The cash advance APR is19.9% which is fair enough, after all it is a credit card and should not be used as a debit card.

You should be aware of the Penalty APR on purchases though. If you miss your due dates twice in any six month period or for two consecutive months, your APR would increase to 19.9% and will remain at that rate until you pay your bill on time for 3 consecutive months. The clouds are beginning to roll in on this offer.

If you think a bit of cloud is bad, when you see the fees attached to this card, those clouds would really bring the rain down.

On receipt of your card, your limit would be a minimum of $250. Then comes the fees: o Annual fee $48 o Account Set up fee $29 o Program fee $95 o Participation fee $ 6 monthly o Additional card fee $20 per card o Internet Access Fee $3.95 once you sign up for the service

Most of the fees are added to your account from day one and it would reduce your available credit. When all is said and done, you could actually end up with an available limit of as little as $52 depending on which fees apply to you.

WOW! How far can $52 get me? My local Days Inn?

Based on these features, the First Premier Bank Credit Card operates a lot like a bad credit credit card. But on the plus side, once you pay your bills on time you would benefit from the competitive 9.9% APR.

I would definitely explore some other options.

To determine if this offer is the best you can get (and I sure hope it isn't), compare other bad credit credit cards and see what they have to offer before making your final decision. It could be that your credit history is ok, so check out the vast range of credit card offers that do not carry so many fees.

6 days ago

Music Teachers National Association: Albuquerque: 2010 MTNA National Conference: Albuquerque, New Mexico: March 20-24.

Take a trip down Route 66 as MTNA heads Albuquerque, Mexico, New

Mexico, for the 2010 National Conference, Match 20-24, at the Hyatt

Regency and Albuquerque Convention Center.

Join MTNA and 2,000 of your friends and colleagues in one of the

most beautiful parts of the country, as we present a program focused on

the needs of today's music teaching professional. Whether

you've attended before or will be coming for the first time, there

is truly something for everyone, a mix of fun and education. As always,

MTNA offers an exciting evening recital bill with pianist Kevin Kenner in collaboration with cellist William De Rosa and mezzo-so

1 week ago Scam: "Warren Buffett owns TVI Express" and 6 other Lies it and its Members are Telling

One of the benefits you were supposed to get when you pay the membership fee was a 7-day 6-night accommodation at a 5-star hotel, and free companion ticket. The truth is anything but simple, as again, with TVI Express.

Product... that is not sold to any consumer

One of the biggest problem is the nature of TVI Express itself, and its alleged product. Some members have claimed that this 7-day 6-night trip is their "main product", which proves that TVI Express has a real product and thus is not a pyramid scheme. The biggest problem with this argument is that this "product" is NOT being sold by distributors to outside consumers, but instead, sold from TVI Express to its own distrib

2 weeks ago

7 Businesses Making Lots Of Money In Ways You Wouldn't Expect

It's true -- most companies reap profits in obvious ways. Google earns a lot of money through advertising, Apple from selling iPhones and iPads and retail stores like Gap through selling clothing and other items.

But every so often, a company comes along that figures out how to make money in a surprising or unconventional way. A lot of the time, as Michael Porter points out in the famed text "How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy," this is a result of stiff competition forcing organizations to think creatively about profits in order to survive. Here are just a few examples:

1. McDonald's earns a majority of its profit charging rent, not selling food.

mcdonalds franchise

2. Lucasfilm made more money off Star Wars toys than the movies themselves.

star wars toys

3. The most profitable restaurant in America made 75 percent of its income from alcohol sales, not food sales, in 2011.

cocktail bar

4. Car dealerships often make more money through financing and servicing cars than via sales.

car sale deal

5. Gas stations make more money off food and car accessories than from gas.

gas station drinks

6. Companies that manufacture printers often make way more money off ink sales.

hp printer ink

7. LeBron James, Tiger Woods and many other star athletes make more money off endorsements than from actually playing sports.

lebron james

1 month ago

Technology :: 10 Favorite Productivity Apps for Business Owners

Your business is running fine, but taking care of all the wok related to accounting, tracking the expenses, employees' schedule, and answering queries and complaints of clients bogs you down. To overcome these constraints that a small business owner faces, using apps that can save your time and money is the best solution.

The app's developers have gone all out to create utility-based apps. Choose the ones that work to make your task easy. Here is a list of some apps that are helpful for business growth and management.

Call Scheduler

When starting a business or trying to expand it, you require calling and talking to many persons. You might forget to call someone or mis